Bringing feuds at the APPSC gate is unfortunate

Dear Editor,
This letter is with reference to recent cancellation of APPSC conducted HDO exam by some aspirants.
After APPSCCE (prelims) fiasco it has been noted that cancellation of APPSC conducted exams has become new norm. Aspirants of various exams should be aware of some basic facts.
APPSCCE (prelims) fiasco happened because of inadvertent mistakes committed by commission in conducting preliminary exam. It was not outcome of external factors. Aspirants of other exam seem to have confused with this fact thereby cancelling every exams for no fault of commission. Bringing departmental and governmental level feuds at the APPSC gate is very unfortunate. It must be stopped. Moreover no one should support such agitations. Commission has sadly become jantar mantar because of fights between aspirants and department concern. Aspirants are requested to solve the problems of department at their respective department, not outside the commission’s gate.
Commission’s main task is to conduct civil service (combined) exam. It is not mandatory on part of commission to conduct all the other exams. However on request of department and to bring transparency in the recruitment drive commission conducts exam on behalf of various departments of state. Instead of appreciating commission for this noble work many have spit venom against commission, often for silly reasons.
Such acts will demoralise commission to conduct exams for other departments. If this continues, I request commission to return back the posts of respective departments and let them conduct the exams where aspirants are ply card ready to protest at the commission’s gate.
I request commission to issue a notice covering my above-mentioned to discourage such illogical practices of aspirations.
It is my humble request to all the fellow Arunachalee to support APPSC if you find Commission is defamed for no good reason. Frequent complains and bashing someone are bad sign for progressive society.
Chal Potom