We will know who is at fault

Dear Editor,
Every day is beautiful, knowing we will be waking up to a new day tomorrow. Nothing bothers us in the morning starting our day, waking up to a sun kissed morning. But lately a lot have been bothering me in the morning. I wonder how they do it waking up to it every day, aren’t they too human? We have no more of ours that we can take of it. The casualness and silence on the matters that they have shown us bothers me a lot now lately. Innocent souls have been torn apart, families shattered and our sentiments hurt. Coming up with an additional explanation, to bury the matter is another fixation they are very good at. Turning a blind eye on the matter hoping things will work out as it always have been won’t work anymore. We have always had our problems complaining, whining and cursing them. But it’s too much now; we ask nothing more than what is just and rightfully laid under our proud constitution. I’m a very proud citizen of the world’s largest democratic country. As it goes by saying nevertheless for the people, by the people and with the people. Representative of a state/country are chosen for a reason. They represent “us” the common people’s voices. Its time our representatives know our sentiments are hurt. The next big thing might be coming and it will be coming, if they don’t act fast. Then we will know who is at fault. We have shown our disgust on the matters; those representative of ours are the ones mending things, expect they don’t mend it according to their liking. Ideologies kept aside, we ask on the humanitarian ground, as humanity is being butchered to the core and all we are doing is obeying and sticking loyal to our ideologies.
Jiti Mega