Warning sign

The recent report of death of Gorals at Tawang district due to infection is major cause of concern for the wild life lovers of the state. The animals were found dead on April 18 last in Mukto-Jang area. It created panic among the local villagers. However the response by state forest department has been swift and effective. With the help of experts from WWF, Wildlife Trust of India and Khanapara veterinary college, the forest department has carried out in depth survey in the area where deaths of Goral were reported.
The initial findings suggest that they may have died due to ‘goat pox’ virus but final outcome will be clear only after result from Khanapara veterinary college comes out. The Tawang incident is a warning sign. The wildlife population of state faces threat from human as well as epidemic. With the growth in population, the humans are increasingly occupying the space of wild animals. The conflict between human and animal is causing enormous harm to the later. Learning from the Tawang incident, the department of environment and forest should join hand with department of animal husbandry and veterinary to work together to protect the precious wild lives of state. Extensive research should be carried throughout the state with the help of experts from outside who have better experience of working in animal conservation. The ‘professional job’ done by state forest department, especially team of Tawang forest division, in tackling the recent crisis is really commendable.