—– Dojum Ngomdir
VSSUT Burla,Odisha

Dived he,
Deep and deep went his body,
Deeper went his soul.
Miles went the briny deep,
Infinite were his thoughts.

Was my love so nebulous and fragile?
Was I laden with puerile and egomania?
Weight of guilt,
Wrapped in regret,
Pulled down and down; his ego.

Am I a sinner?
Or a ringleader;
To act, that I crafted,
Horrendous state that I directed;

I am unforgivable,
For gifting bolt from the blue,
Burning bridges of love, thought he.

Questions with answers,
Questions without answers,
Knocking him down further.

Images flashing by,
The hugs with dad,
Kisses with mom,
Fights with sisters,
Laughter embroidered with joy,
Smiled he.

Oh lord!
With the complexes I ambushed,
With ignominy I graced,
Swore he,
Let the bygones be bygones,

Badge the lessons I learnt,
Pledge to regain,
The trust and respect,
The love and life,
That was mine.

Called someone,
Swam across,
Could find no one,
Endless blues with sky above,
I am ready, believed George.
Was he really?