Strange decision

The decision of State Election Commission (SEC) to defer elections to the Itanagar and Pasighat municipalities is strange and seems to have been done under political pressure. The commission decided to defer election just days after it announced the poll dates. The election has been deferred based on a report submitted by municipal officials of Pasighat and Itanagar expressing inability to hold election citing heavy rainfall. This is an absurd explanation and do not hold any ground. Even during the worst monsoon, Itanagar and Pasighat remains well connected.
The question of complete breakdown of surface communication does not arise. Also the monsoon is yet to hit the state. The effect of monsoon is usually felt only in the period from June to August. At the height of monsoon too, the Itanagar and Pasighat are least affected. Therefore by citing monsoon rainfall as reason for deferring municipal election, the State Election Commission has made mockery of itself. Further it raises serious question mark over the independence of commission. The decision of deferring election has hallmark of political interference. The BJP government in Arunachal is reluctant to hold any election be it Panchayat or Municipal before the assembly election. The majority of MLAs and potential candidates are reportedly against holding local body elections before assembly election. State government is sending out wrong signal by interfering in the functioning of State Election Commission.