State health in jeopardy

Dear Editor,
This is to create awareness amongst the people of Arunachal Pradesh regarding the scarcity of doctors in remote areas of our State. Although various reasons exists for the shortage of doctors, there is one particular reason which is indigestible and merits enquiry of the highest order and I want to highlight it for all to know the ground reality.
There are some Doctors who are pursuing Post Graduate course (Specialist Doctor for layman) in Medical Colleges while at the same time they hold the GDMO(General Doctor Medical Officer) post by obtaining study leave or extraordinary leave illegally. Illegal, because they haven’t served in the capacity of GDMO even for a month.
How can anyone get study leave for 3 years without even serving a single day or month? Why do the people need to suffer for so many years? It can be understood if the Doctor has served the State for some years and now cracked the PG entrance examination and thus applied for study leave but one cannot understand the usefulness of allowing fresh candidates to take both PG seat and GDMO seat.
Clearly the people of the State are denied of their basic rights and the willing candidates their employment. This is a very serious issue and the general public must raise their voices against it. We have tried many times by taking the issue to the highest health authorities and they agreed that it is most genuine but it is beyond their power they say and play blame games. The question arises, who is the competent authority to check such malpractices?
Some 6- 7 Doctors of APPCSE Allopathic Medical Officer batch 2016 are currently pursuing PG and are in 2nd or 3rd year. The recent APPCSE allopathic medical officer Exam 2018 viva is on 3rd and 4th of May 2018 and out of 121 candidates for 108 posts, there are 12-15 candidates who cracked PG exam 2017-18 with good ranks and will certainly pursue it and interestingly there are 7-8 candidates are already in 2nd or 3rd year PG. As is evident from the past many Doctors after PG do not continue the GDMO post but join Medical colleges as Senior Resident Doctors or join some private hospitals and some pursue super specialist course. Some say what problem is there when almost all candidates will get the job? The problem is for the future and for the people who are denied basic rights for so many years. The problem is in knowing that the things are going wrong and taking no steps to correct it. We do not expect to bring to book all those involved earlier but we expect that the authorities responsible will see that such malpractices are checked and no more entertained in the future starting this year onwards.
Dear Doctors, kindly ponder upon the grave issue and decide well for it will have great impact upon many lives. If you are going for PG then quit the GDMO post on moral ground. The authorities must give them ample time to decide whether they will join here or there and after the deadline they must choose one and quit the other.
Dear Arunachallee, please know your basic rights and fight for it. No one will fight your fight but you and there are many democratic ways to do it.
Arunachal Pradesh is a beautiful State but made ugly by our selfish desires and action. Let us do every bit we can and never give up to make it the best. We need not be Politician or big shots to make difference.
Medical Officer