Bike lifters on the rise

Dear Editor,
I would like to draw the kind attention of the concern authority about the bike lifting case which is on the rise.
On the fateful night, on 6th May, my bike was lifted by bike lifters but within few hours after the incident I had lodged an FIR in the nearest Police Station.
With the recent progress made by the capital police in tackling the bike lifting case ,I’m hopeful the culprits will be apprehended soon.
However, the pain and agony is that, despite, numerous news, doing the round that lots of bike lifters has been apprehended, it has not deterred the bike lifters from commiting the crime, repeatedly.
This can be attributed to weak legislation, the ease with which the criminals gets bail. The need of the hour is to put in a strong legislation and check measures to reduce the bike lifting incidents, which is at its peak, in and around the capital.
Until and unless a strong law is not made, it will only be a game of cat and mouse.
No doubt the Capital Police is doing a tremendous job but for how long can they continue? With all the obstacles on their side. Today it’s me, tommorow it can be anyone.
A Victim