Worrying trend

The report of North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited (NEEPCO) stopping survey and other works for new project in the state citing law and order issue is matter of deep concern. The state government should conduct thorough investigation and extend every possible support to NEEPCO to resume the work. This stunning revelation comes just days after newly appointed director of National Institute of Technology (NIT) resigned from his post allegedly due to security concern. Over the year Arunachal has acquired notorious reputation of being hostile towards developmental projects.
Many highway projects have been abandoned because of the security alarm raised by the private contractors. The incidents of hostility have been reported from various parts of the state. These kinds of incident hurt the image of state. No one will be interested to work in Arunachal if local citizens do not create a healthy atmosphere. State government need to stamp their authority and crack down hard on anti-social elements. No one should be allowed to defame state for their personal benefit. Also the time has arrived for the citizens of state to introspect. For short term gain, some Arunachalees are destroying future of the state. Can we afford to just remain silent and allow bunch of goons to dictate the future of state? Today NEEPCO is preparing to leave Arunachal, tomorrow others might follow and a day may come when no outsiders will be interested to invest in state. Before it’s too late, the people of state should wake up.