Rationalisation of teachers

Dear Editor,
The poor parents had huge expectation from last year’s rationalization of teachers and thought that performance of Govt. schools will improve. But alas! This year results of Govt schools have further deteriorated.
Rationalisation of teachers was supposed to be done on the basis of duration of teacher in particular school. This criterion was followed in case on regular teachers only, SSA teachers’ rationalization was done randomly. Many SSA teachers even though they have spent more than 10 years in a school have not been affected by rationalization.
Even in case of regular teachers, rationalization could not be completed because, transfer started in the middle of session. But this time govt have enough time as new session will begin in 1st June 2018.
In the local dailies, we often read about shortage of teachers and various unions appealing for posting of teachers. If rationalization is implemented properly to a large extent problem of teacher shortage will be solved.
Hope that state govt is with the poor parents who have no other option but to send the children to government schools whose performance is deteriorating each year. Government’s little interest and attention may improve the condition of govt. Schools.
Therefore, we appeal to Education Secretary to resume the rationalization of teachers but this time , it should be done at Itanagar. Because , at district level , due to political and other pressure rationalization of teachers will not be fair and district authority does it for name sake but the poor parents/guardians pay the price.
Hukang Tarang
Lower Subansiri