Shift Tuesday market

Dear Editor,
I would like to express one of my regular-weekly angst and grievances that I am facing helplessly these days being a resident of Statistical Colony.
In this part of the Capital Region, Zoological Survey of India, Regional Office & Department of Economics & Statistics Office along with their respective residential complex and many other Govt. Residential quarters and private households are situated. Though we are having a dilapidated hanging bridge awaiting for an ill-fated accident; the lone road which connects us to the main highway of our own Capital Region through Gohpur Tiniali is no less a gruelling experience every Tuesday.
It’s good to have a nearby local market which enables an easy and timely purchase of food and other items thus saving our time, money and efforts. But it irks and suffocates me when encountered-with move less road-blockage and jam on the road and main highway, created by the unruly and irresponsible street-hawkers, commercial/non-commercial vehicles. Many a time, the National Highway and our colony road is blocked.
Nowadays, every Tuesday it is not the traffic-jam of Itanagar which gives us a headaches but it’s the Gohpur Tinali Tuesday market with its ever-rising unruly crowd, vehicles, and street hawkers/vendors.
Therefore, I would like to ask the capital administration, municipal council and bazaar welfare to do the needful by initiating necessary steps in shifting the ‘ Tuesday Market’ to other place.
Joram Tabin,