Launch coordinated drive

The Longding police on Saturday rounded up 87 people for entering district without valid Inner Line Permits (ILP). Similarly West Kameng police also detained 46 persons without ILP during a surprise checking. First of all district administration of both the districts deserves appreciation for launching strict ILP checking drive. This will definitely send out strong message to the potential law breakers. However it should not be limited to certain districts and there should be widespread state-wide ILP checking drive. All the deputy commissioners should work together and carry out a coordinated drive to make it more effective.
But such kind of intensive checking drive should be continues process. The lackadaisical attitude of the police personnel posted at entry check gates makes it convenient for illegal migrant to sneak into state without obtaining valid ILP. Also in several instances migrant workers manages to bribe police personnel to gain entry. The successive state governments have failed to improve facilities at entry gate which is causing massive influx of illegal migrants into state. Majority of check gates do not have CCTV facilities. The installation of CCTV should be done on priority basis. It serve the dual purpose of keeping an eye on the activities of police personnel posted in gate and also that of people illegally trying to enter the state. Further the district administrations on regular basis should carry out the ILP checking drive.