Historic blunder

The decision of US to open its new embassy in Jerusalem is a historic blunder for which world may have to pay dearly. The act of US has incensed people of Palestine and it has been widely criticized by the international communities. So far 58 people have been killed in the protest launched by Palestine’s. Move is a highly controversial. The Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state. Many see the US move as backing Israeli control over the whole of the city, which Israel regards as its indivisible capital. Commentators drew attention to the stark contrast between the images from Jerusalem Рof a high-level US delegation, alongside Mr Netanyahu and his wife, celebrating the new US embassy opening Рand the violent images emerging from Gaza.
The relocation violates the international law. It has potential to further fuel the rise of Islamic militancy. The western world, in particularly US, will increasingly come under the target of Islamic group. The move of US will hurt the efforts of reviving the peace process in Middle East region. Palestinians has every reason to feel betrayed by international communities. Barring few words of condemnation no countries including UN bodies have taken any major initiative to block the move of US. Also 58 people have been killed but international community is not making any serious effort to defuse tension in the region. By remaining silent the international community is committing grave injustice to the people of Palestine.