Allow watches

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, we would like to request the APPSC to allow wearing of analog wrist watch in the exam hall for the forthcoming AE (civil) exam scheduled on 9th and 10th June.
In the list of items to be prohibited in the exam hall given at the back of admit card, wrist watch has also been mentioned. If wrist watch won’t be permitted, how will we keep track of the time during the exam?
Though wall clock could be provided in the exam centres, it may not be easily visible to those candidates sitting in the last or corner row as it is very likely that only one clock will be provided for every room irrespective of its size thereby putting them at disadvantage position. Moreover, frequently looking away from one’s seat to check out time would be inconvenient and hamper the focus.
Undoubtedly, banning all sorts of electronic items/material as a part of stringent measure to thwart any possible malpractice is highly appreciable and understandable. However, banning use of an analog wrist watch seems to be way too unreasonable and irrational. How can someone cheat using a simple wrist watch? Of course, digital watch should be banned.
In fact, even in the country’s most prestigious engineering and civil service-IES and IAS exam also wrist watch is permitted. For that matter, if we are not mistaken, it’s also allowed in APPSC civil service exam. Then why it should not be allowed in AE exam?
Therefore, we humbly request the commission to allow analog wrist watch in the said exam as the time mismanagement could ruin our months of toil, especially in the technical paper where there is a huge time constraint and it becomes imperative to write the paper keeping a watch around to complete it on time.