Properly investigate

The termination of 67 nurses working under the health department for acquiring fake degrees by Mission Director of the National Health Mission is deeply worrying news. It is astonishing as to how these nurses managed to get job in crucial sector like health. Without the connivance of the officials of health department it is not possible to get job using fake degree certificates. Therefore simply terminating the nurses will not solve the problems. The state government should carry out thorough investigation into the case. Strong punishment should be meted out to all those involved in such heinous crime.
Also there might be similar case in other departments too. Few years ago allegation of acquisition of fake degree by teachers and engineers had also surfaced. However it was never properly investigated and matter died a natural death. It is a right time to re-open all such cases and launch a serious investigation. Especially in education and health sector there should be strict checking of the credentials of degree certificates presented by the candidates. If fake degree holder becomes nurses and doctors how will citizens be safe in their hands? Similarly imagine what will be the quality of education if person with fake degree are allowed to become teachers in the schools. Also not only in government schools, even those teaching in private schools, should be subjected to strict verification.