Difficult days ahead

The world has lost a rare opportunity to find peace in the Korean peninsula. Unfortunately US President Donald Trump has cancelled a planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Trump claimed that he made the decision based on the “tremendous anger and open hostility” in a recent North Korean statement. The summit was to take place on June 12 next at Singapore. Whole world was eagerly waiting for the summit with the hope that it will ease hostility in Korean peninsula and prevent potential nuclear war.
The announcement of US president comes days after North Korea renewed threat to cancel the much-awaited meeting between its leader Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump. The recent meeting between leaders of South Korea and North Korea has raised much expectation. The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un shown has remarkable seriousness about its denuclearization effort. His openness during a meeting with South Korea president gave lot of hope. With the cancellation of summit there is every possibility that North will resort to its belligerent past and re-start nuclear and missile tests. Further hostility towards US and South Korea will also increase. The North Korean leadership will take this as great insult and will resort to every method to hit back at US and South Korea. This is where potential of nuclear war comes to the forefront. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is very unpredictable. With his ego hurt due to cancellation of summit by his bête noire President Trump, the young leader will make every effort to hit back at US. The international community should brace itself up for potentially dangerous days ahead.