In response to allegation of black magic

Dear Editor,
This is with reference to news item on Pasighat witchcraft case published in your daily on May 27.
So far, the medias or public are aware of only one side of the story of the infamous Black Magic case of Pasighat. We are unable to speak out because some parts of the matter is sub-judice in the Court. This has been taken as our weakness by our opponents.
The allegations of witchcraft which was reported during 2017 is full of lies. We will come out with full details along with videos before the medias and public at an appropriate time to give everyone the complete version of the story. We request our esteemed medias to give us fair chance and not to publish one sided story on the matter.
Without going into detail, we would begin with a simple question: What do a wife of IAS Officer or daughter-in-law of former Chief Minister or younger sister of an MLA gain by doing Black Magic? A common sense will say, the allegations are false, motivated and a case of conspiracy.
Now, it has been alleged by the opponents that the accused party is pressurizing the family of Osong Moyong to withdraw the complaint case. These are blatant lies. Such false allegations are being make against us because a criminal case has been registered against Toyi Modi at Pasighat police station, bearing No. PSGT PS C/No/92/2018 u/s 427/506/34 IPC. Toyi Modi is the person who lodged complaint against us at police station Pasighat last year.
The accused party viz Osor M. Tayeng, Cinthina Tayeng, Aido M. Tayeng, Liza P. Apang, Maksup Yumso, Kadung Moyong and Ebung Moyong are repeatedly approaching their advocates to get the case hearing fixed in CJM Court Pasighat an early date. The accused party has full faith in the Court of Law. They are too willing to tell the truth before the Court. If the complainants making false allegation think that by telling lies 100 times, they will turn the lies to truth, we will prove them wrong in the Court of CJM Pasighat. We are anxiously waiting for the Court summons to tell the Court what is the truth. If the complainants can help us expedite the Court proceeding, we will be too happy. We are in the fore front to face the trial and prove that they are not only liars but conspirators in the society. Therefore, question of putting pressure on Osong Moyong’s family to withdraw the case, as reported in news papers, does not arise.
While allegations of wrongful confinement and molestation are pending in Court of JM, the allegation of Black Magic does not exist in IPC. It cannot be tried in Court of Law.
Therefore, we the accused party are striving hard for challenging the Black Magic allegations in local Kebang (local Court). The Kebang is time tested local Court of the Adis. In the past and in the present, the Kebangs have tried and given justice to many. Therefore, the accused party is trying to repeatedly fix Kebang in Pasighat under Bogong Banggo.
However, each time a Kebang is fixed, Osong Moyong, the father of the 2 girls who made the allegations would run away from the Kebang. He has failed to attend 2 Kebangs fixed by “Bogong Banggo Gaam Association” Pasighat on one or the other excuse. Now recently DC Pasighat has ordered another Kebang against Osong Moyong.
However, Osong Moyong and others are making all efforts to foil the Kebang again.
Osong Moyong knows very well that if he faces the Kebang, he will not be able to prove his false allegations made against Osor M Tayeng, Liza P Apang, Cintina Moyong and others. Therefore, he is repeatedly running away from the Kebang.
It may be recalled that last year during April 2017, Osong Moyong and his 2 daughter had made the false allegations against us. The allegations were made at the behest of two opponents in Pasighat.
The opponents are from our own Tayeng and Moyong families. The allegations were made by uploading a distorted video clipping and circulating audio clippings of the Moyong girls. The video clipping was distorted and doctored. If the full video clipping is seen, it named the actual person who is behind the Black Magic. However, while posting the video clipping, the opponents have cunningly deleted the main videos and have uploaded a selective one only, which badly depict Osor M. Tayeng, Liza Apang and others. This has been done intentionally by the opponent to mislead the public. However, since last year, many people have seen the full video and they know the complete story. They know how the video was twisted to mislead the public and wrongly accuse Osor M. Tayeng, Liza Apang, Cinthina Moyong and others.
Why the opponents acting through Osong Moyong and his daughters have made such false allegations against us? The answer is: if they don’t make these false allegations, they are going to be exposed. The videos and witnesses will prove the people who are into dirty practice of Black Magic in our Adi society. Therefore, when they were about to be exposed, they turned the table upside down and put us in the picture of black magic. The main person behind this conspiracy is an officer in the State Govt. He has books on Black Magic, whom witnesses have seen in his possession. He is actively supported by a woman in Pasighat. Osong Moyong, Onima Moyong, Elina Moyong and Olak Moyong have repeatedly named the persons in the videos for having practiced Black Magic. These are captured in the videos.
Therefore, when they were about to be exposed during last year, they made different story before Osong Moyong and his family and made to believe that Osor M. Tayeng, Liza Apang, Cinthina Moyong and others have practiced black magic.
They are now running away from the Kebang because the Kebang will see the full video and indict them for their failure to prove or for having practice the black magic.
Probably, there is no instance in history of India where a wife of IAS officer, a younger sister of a MLA and a Daughter in Law of a former Chief Minister get together and practiced black magic. Any sound mind person will not believe this. We request all concern to try and find out the true story and not to believe the distorted story of Black Magic, propagated by those opponents, who are otherwise going to be exposed.
1. Osor M. Tayeng
2. CinthinaTayeng
3. Aido M. Tayeng
4. Maksup Yumso
5. Kadung Moyong
6. Ebung Moyong