Lessons from USA

Dear Editor,
Arunachal Pradesh is popularly called as the land of kusi-kusi, which roughly translates to “a land where people don’t follow rules and do what they wish”. But I think that an even bigger land of kusi-kusi is the USA, at least in terms of the way they have treated English language. But despite being a land of kusi-kusi in the way the they have treated the English language, the USA is not a land of kusi-kusi in governance; and that is the difference between Arunachal and the USA: Arunachal is a land of kusi-kusi in governance.
Some days ago, our young and ‘dynamic’ chief minister and some ministers toured the USA for training. Their photos on Facebook went viral. In the photos, they looked smart, even smarter than the employees of Google. By looking at their suits and goggles, the employees of Google might have thought that they were from a highly developed country such as Japan or South Korea. Since the purpose of the tour was educational, I hope that our ministers on the tour have learnt the following points from their tour and implement them in Arunachal Pradesh soon:
1. There are no potholes in American roads. Whenever a pothole develops, the government wastes no time to repair it. In contrast, in Arunachal, many villages are not even connected by road. For them, even a road with potholes will not be lesser than a dream. I hope that our young and dynamic chief minister and his team on tour have learnt about the road condition of the USA and build pothole-free roads to each and every village of our state soon.
2. In America, there is a single number for various emergencies (medical, criminal, and fire); that number is 911. In contrast, in Arunachal Pradesh, there are different numbers for different emergencies. The number 100 rarely connects. And even when it connects, the time the police arrive after the call ends is more than 30 minutes (sometimes, even hours), and 30 minutes is more than enough for the criminal to run away. In the USA, the average response time is 10 minutes after the call ends. Most hospitals don’t have ambulances and even in the hospitals with ambulances, they aren’t free most of the time. I hope that you have learnt that from the tour and establish a single emergency number for fire, medical, and criminal emergencies and also make sure that the response time is 10 minutes.
3. In the USA, they don’t sell Vimal, Nevla, Hiran/Bandar chaapsaadaa, Rajnigandha, etc. I hope that you have learnt that from the tour of the USA and ban such cancer-causing substances in Arunachal soon.
4. In the USA, the electrical supply is 24 hours available. In contrast, in Arunachal, there are still places where people cheer in jubilation when the electricity comes. I hope that you have learnt that from the tour of the USA and I hope that you will make sure that our state too starts receiving 24 hour electricity supply soon.
5. In the USA, police vehicles have a camera installed on them. That way, they can record evidence of the criminals. Having a camera on police vehicles also prevents the practice of bribery by policemen. I hope that you have learnt that from the tour and install cameras on police vehicles of Arunachal Pradesh when you come back.
6. I saw a photo of you walking out of the Google office. I hope that you have learned that Google provides internet connectivity in America by the name Google Fibre. The speed of internet through Google Fibre is 1Gb/s, whereas in Arunachal, most places still provide speed in kb/s [1 GB/s=1000Mb/s=1000000 kb/s]. I hope that you have learnt that from the tour and that you will improve the internet speed of the state soon. I don’t ask for 1Gb/s speed, but at least provide us with 1 Mb/s speed. I hope that after your visit to Google office, you have learnt that and improve internet speeds in our state at least to the level that we can watch YouTube videos without buffering.
7. Being an Arunachali, you must have told them, “Aap log bhi kabhi Arunachal aaiye.” if they indeed come to Arunachal in future, they will definitely be disappointed by the pathetic state of our infrastructure and internet speed. They would feel betrayed disappointed because by the way you dressed while meeting them, they might have thought that we are a highly developed region. please don’t make them feel betrayed when they come to our state.
Please implement the points mentioned above so that their impression of our region after meeting you and your team isn’t proved wrong.
Anto Rukbo
Secretary, Headquarters
People’s Party of Arunachal