Follow API

Dear Editor,
As per UGC guidelines, Academic Performance Indicator (API) is mandatory for shortlisting of the candidates to proportionate the ratio of the applicants to call for Viva Voice and judging henceforth. Further, in colleges a minimum score of 65 points and 75 points for Universities have been implemented in many universities.
Moreover, 75 % of the interview marks/score is based on API.
So, if competent authority is able to stick with UGC norms (API based) for recruiting Assistant Professors, then there would be free from any nepotism, favoritism, manipulation and backdoor entry. Everything would be crystal clear and only deserving candidates would have been selected. Likewise the glory of the highest recruiting body would be further strengthened while fulfilling the dreams of the deserving aspirants simultaneously.
Therefore, it is my heartfelt request and appeal to Chairman, Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission to kindly conduct the Assistant Professor’s recruitment as per UGC norms and add API score sheet column in online application form so that shortlisting is easily done based on the candidate’s API.
An Aspirant