Union submits memo to CM

ITANAGAR, Jun 6: The All Lower Subansiri District Students’ Union on Tuesday submitted a five-point memorandum to the chief minister, and said the union would launch democratic action if the demands are not met within 15 days.
The union’s demands are “arrest of the then Lower Subansiri deputy commissioner Kemo Lollen, Bharat Ligu and all the fake beneficiaries; handing over of the investigation into the compensation scandal from high-level-fact finding committee to the Central Bureau of Investigation; public notification of the cheque already issued (name and details of properties affected); ground re-assessment of Potin to Joram and Joram to Koloriang 20 to 50 km; and immediate construction of Potin/Bopi and Joram/Koloriang Trans-Arunachal Highway.”