Agricultural engineering students and APPSC exam

Dear Editor,
This is regarding the upcoming J.E(civil) exam to be conducted by prestigious APPSC.As the 2001 Recruitment Rules (RR) clearly make both agricultural engineering and civil engineering eligible for the said exam, it is quite dismaying to say that Agricultural engineering students are forced to appear civil paper.
History is the witness none of the agricultural engineering students could clear this exam till now.
We want to ask APPSC if we are made eligible for only few departments viz.WRD and RWD, why torture us more by not setting separate question paper for us? We also touches several important topics such as building materials, drainage engineering, soil mechanics, hydrology, farm machineries etc.
Please don’t leave us in such distress. We cannot bear it any longer.It pains to see our seniors suffer and getting old not because they lack knowledge but because they lack opportunity.
Give us chance to serve the state and our people. Hope my message reaches to the right people and effective measures taken.
Gogum, Nirjuli