Selection process of Assistant Professors

Dear Editor,
It can be seen from RTI request to APPSC and Directorate of Higher & Technical Education that there exist some deficiency in selection procedure for the recruitment of Assistant professor in Govt Colleges.
The commission clearly mentioned in their recruitment rule that they are following UGC Rules & Regulations during selection process but 2011 to 2017 selection procedures clearly reveals that the UGC norms are not being implemented during the selection process.
If UGC’s regulation is followed than API have to be included. UGC notification of 13th June, 2013 has clearly mentioned that the overall selection procedure shall incorporate transparent, objective and credible methodology of analysis of the merits and credentials of the applicants based on weightages given to the performance of the candidate in different relevant dimensions and his/her performance on a scoring system pro forma, based on the Academic Performance Indicators (API)’.
In “THE GAZETTE OF INDIA” 11th July 2016, it has been mentioned that “Minimum Scores for APIs for direct recruitment of teachers in university departments / Colleges and weightages in Selection Committees to be considered along with other specified eligibility qualifications stipulated in the Regulation”.
No doubt the commission is still following some procedure of UGC Regulations but it has to implement proper rules and regulation based on UGC’s guideline.
Further, in earlier time it was also noticed that Adhoc or Guest faculty/lecturer were given first preference during interview because of their teaching experience in government colleges. But now it seems that neither experiences as before nor API count during the interview.
Hope the respected commission will understand the hardship of candidates and at least modify the existing tradition.
An aspirant