Sanju; a perfect lesson for today’s youth

Dear Editor,
Finally, I watched the movie Sanju along with some friends and non of us disliked it. We really enjoyed it and I think we have so much to learn from the movie: ill effects of drugs consumption, loyalty and infidelity of friends and above all wide spread of fake news.
I don’t know whether the story in the movie is of Sanjay Dutt in total reality and I don’t even look at it in that way. Rabir Kapoor starrer ‘Sanju’ which hit the theaters on the 29th June is continuing to receive love from audience.
Why I chose to write few lines on this biopic?
Regardless of if ‘Sanju’ is a true story of Sanju Baba, it is very realistic. It has comedy, drama and is emotional. It is a multi thematic story and we as audience may think that too much has happened in Sanju’s lifetime which perhaps is the reason behind the success of the movie at the box office. We get to see Sanju having a luxury being a son of a great actor and a leading politician, suffering due to wrong company, suffering tragic death of mother, experiencing stardom as a film actor and getting jailed.
Rajkumar Hirani directorial biopic has a wide variety of life lessons movie goers could take. I opt to take them grossly in three major categories:
1. We are our own master; Sanju as a child born in an elite family could have a smooth and flourishing life. His father too puts lots of effort in making him an actor but his own attitude and lack of his own efforts become barriers in his life. It shows that others can give us instructions and guide us but it should be ourselves to put that into act.
2. Victim of drug mania; Sanju consumes drugs due to depressions of mother’s illness and breakup with girl friend Rubi. But he becomes a drug addict which caused the ruining of his life. We must aware that intoxicating stuff are similar to pain killers which make us unconscious of our real situations. It is also a strategy of avoiding problems rather than tackling them.
3. Hostility of fake news; Fake news has been a major concern of all in the present time. Sanju is labeled a tag of terrorist based on fake news and even his best friend Kamli leaves him believing a report of the same in news papers. We must bother to do a fact-check whenever a hostile and sensitive news comes to us before believing it to be true and forwarding on to others. Beating up and lynching of individuals have been in news quite a time recently only due to wide spread of fake news.
Moreover, personally, I enjoyed featuring of old hindi songs for motivations and encouragement.
Rinchen Sangye,