Role of communitybased organizations

The Nyishi Elite Society (NES) on Sunday urged state government to re-start the work for construction of Potin-Pangin and Joram-Koloriang stretches of the Trans-Arunachal Highway (TAH) at the earliest. The society claimed that once completed, the two highway projects will provide better road connectivity to Nyishi inhabitant areas of Upper Subansiri, Lower Subansiri, Kurung Kumey and Kamle districts. At present the work in both the projects has stopped due to compensation issue. While it is heartening to see community based organizations like NES worrying about future of the important road projects, they also need to play their part to ensure the success of the project.
Not only NES, infact all the community based organizations of state should contribute their bit for the success of the infrastructure projects. Today several critical infrastructure projects like TAH, green field airport, etc are caught up in controversies. The greed for compensation is leading to the stalling of the major development projects. The community based organizations can play critical role in this regard. They should carry out widespread awareness campaign to educate the masses. These community based organizations yields immense clout among its fellow members. Therefore people will definitely take their words seriously. For short term gain, the people of Arunachal are putting its future at stake. Unless citizens extend support the government alone will not be able to execute the developmental projects.