Support state police

Recently the Nirjuli police station was submerged under water due to heavy downpour. It was a strange sight to see police station being submerged under the rain water. Reportedly for the fourth time this monsoon, the said police station was flooded with water. The lack of drain along the national highway causes flooding and authorities are well aware of the problem. But despite it no efforts have been made to improve the situation. If police station remains submerged under the water then how will they tackle crime? This is something to ponder upon. Also the conditions of the most of the police stations of Arunachal Pradesh are in pathetic condition. There is urgent need to revamp them.
It will be unfair to expect police force to work dedicatedly in such situation. Besides upgrading the police stations, the state government should provide latest equipments to the police force. Also the state police need to upgrade its technical wing. Today technology plays very important role, especially in checking the criminal activities. The technological advances over the years have provided law enforcement agencies new perspectives and considerations beyond the traditional methods and opportunities to utilize a wide range of innovations in different contexts. The recent innovations and implementations which increase the efficiency and effectiveness of policing including network analysis, GIS, crime mapping, biometrics, fingerprints, DNA research, facial recognition, speech recognition, social media policing, shot spotter detection system, and CCTV. Government should give important to this aspect of policing and take necessary steps to provide all the required technologies to the state police.