Do not re-conduct the APPSCCE prelims


Dear Editor,
Just one small request from a common man, a downtrodden APPSCCE aspirant to the Commission. Please don’t re-conduct the exam anymore. We just can’t take it anymore. There’s limit to one’s resources, energy, time, capital, health and even sacrifices one makes in life. For God’s sake!
If some of the geography candidates feel that the system had been very unkind and unpleasant to them, let the cut-off for geography be reduced to 45-50% marks as against about 55% for other optionals. I think that’s a fair deal. And if they aren’t still satisfied with the provision, please allow all the geography candidates to appear for the mains.
But for God’s sake let there be no rescheduling for a third time because there’s no guarantee that we won’t have a rescheduling for the fourth and fifth time also. It’s not a joke. I think the Commission’s vision is to conduct APPSCCE on a Five-year plan basis. Every exam would be conducted over a period of five years with numerous debacles, scams and of course repetitive rescheduling of prelims.
There’s a limit for everything. Any kind of rescheduling would be a severe blow to the sacrifices and sleepless works of all the serious candidates. Please don’t do it. As administrators and as human beings, just do have some sense of justice and fairness, if not anything else.
A tired aspirant


Dear Editor,
I have geography as an optional and a candidate who is on the verge of crossing age relaxation. Last year others accused geography to be easy subject and demanded for re-conduct. This year geography candidates are accusing the opposite and demanding for the re-conduct. In this tussle what is my fault if I did pretty well in both the attempts. What is my fault if I have solved and revised multiple times all the last 10 years Question paper of UGC net and UPSC. And further adding 5 websites in my kitty. Copy pasting has always been the norm in all the state’s PSC. So I adjusted my strategy according to the situation. Why didn’t they?
Speaking of out of syllabus Questions, there were hardly 3-5 questions that were beyond the reach of our syllabus. This is normal number for every subjects. Last year anomalies were more than copy pasting, which were unsealed Question Paper, wrong or manipulated serial number, xeroxed question paper, use of mobile phones etc.
This year exam was held under tight security and devoid of all the above anomalies. Therefore I don’t feel re-conduct is good Idea. However grievances of aggrieved candidates should not be neglected. Grace marks is good option for them, not re conduct please, not again.
Through this column I would like to inform APPSC that bunch of 50-60 can’t represent whole geography candidates. In case of re-conduct another group within the same subject will come up demanding non re-conduct of exam. Can you listen to all of us?
Exam was conducted with whole fairness. This is only thing that matters.
Demanding re-conduct by some fraction will be protested by another fraction and the gaga over the same will continue until the final result is declared.
So I request commission to put an end to this by declaring the result at the earliest. Or senior candidates who is on the verge of crossing age limit will form another union for the opposite cause but for the same subject.
Senior Geography candidate


Dear Editor,
Last year when various numbers of questions were found to be copy pasted from the single source in sociology, Public Administration and other subjects the Commission had decided to cancel the exam and re-conducted it on 29th July 2018. To utter surprise, the same mistakes have been repeated again. It seems the commission has not learned anything from their previous mistakes.
All these are clearly a reflection of the inability of the Commission to conduct a trouble free examination. However many of us are fed up with this fiasco. Had the APPSC Secretary and Chairman didn’t become a customer care service in the last examination that was held in November, the current problem wouldn’t have arisen. On the other side, the aspirants also has to know that this is a competitive examination and one should not expect the Commission to give the questions as per their expectations and preparations.
The Smart aspirants are expected to study more deeply and beyond syllabus also.
Therefore if there are few questions out of syllabus, there is no point to be aggrieved. In real sense APPSCE being the highest State level examination are expected to set the questions beyond the expectations of the candidates so that the true intelligent and smart would get selected. And I’m sure the Smart Geography aspirants must had solved the UGC NET questions paper. One is expected to go extra mile if one is really serious. But the ultimate questions lies on the credibility of the commission to conduct trouble free examination. They had become a Customer Care service centre. Will the commission cancel the examination again? How long will this process continue? How long the Commission will continue to kill the time and age of the aspirants? Even if they conduct examination of few selected subjects will it be justice to others ?
The real victim this time are Economics and Geography candidates. Last time Economics was much easier than this time. This time in Economics more than 60 percent of the questions were only from Indian Economy and there was not a single question from Statistics portion.
Most of the questions were from Indian economy and Economic Growth and Development and therefore other sections of syllabus like Micro, Macro economics were left out. Last time the coverage of all section of syllabus was better than this time.
How is the Commission going to compensate this? Nevertheless, I request the commission not to entertain any other complaints. This process is not going to end and I think as an autonomous body the commission should be strong enough to stand on their own decisions. And I request the Commission to declare the result soon.
Appeared Candidate