Strength of weak candidates

Dear Editor,
Every individual has some weak points as well as some strong points. Even the saint including the H H Dalai Lama is seen by section of his followers as meek and impractical towards freedom struggle for the Tibetans. Similarly, in the context of some aspirants for APPSC Examination, it would be pertinent to point that such candidates too have some never give up fighting spirits no matter whether their grievances are logical or not. Firstly, they tried postponement of Prelims fixed on 29.07.18 on the ground that many candidates would not reach the District Headquarters on account of heavy downpour and disruption of surface communication. Thereafter they went to the High Court for fresh advertisement in view of Govt.’s decision to enhance the upper age limit from 35 years to 37 years. But when they did not get clear-cut relief from the High Court, they knocked the door of the Governor. But when the guardian of the Constitution too refuse to entertain their complaints, they are now taking the social media route and targeting the APPSC Members and Chairman of being inefficient.
Now the million dollar question is whether the silent majority who want the APPSC to notify the written examination, at an early date, come out openly and prevent such negative forces from vitiating the competitive spirit of the serious candidates. Further should not the successful candidates lodge counter affidavit in High Court and if required case in Police Station to defend their Fundamental Right to compete and get result in time bound manner?
Well the drama is on and even if the soft target APPSC declared the result in record time frame, these adamant and ill prepared candidates will draw their own strategy to stall the written process.
All said and done, though this letter to the esteemed daily, I adore the stamina and determination of these candidates. In fact never surrender attitude of these candidates are a prerequisite quality for requirement to special armed forces to be posted along Pakistan or China border outposts.
Therefore, to assume or to conclude that these complainants are fools or weak with no bright future prospects will be too a case of overgeneralization and an injustice to some of the very strong mental traits which they have inherited from their ancestors.
The Govt. along with APPSC should identify the exact number of such souls and recommend their cases to be considered by Arunachal Pradesh Scouts and Guides forces.