—– Neelesh Singh Bhan, PGT(English)
Dr BR Ambedkar Academy, Itanagar

Cleanliness, Cleanliness, Cleanliness!
Extend dear! One step-
To the mission of Cleanliness,
For the sake of humanly help.

You long for purse,
You long for fair,
Do visit daily bazaar,
To meet your loving pair.

All dirt and dampage
Laid on either sides the road,
Ill your health, ill your hygiene,
With all the turfs and the prod.

You also don’t care of the filth,
Laid surrounding of your dwell,
By the flow of air, diseases pervade,
Into your rooms, kitchen with quell.

Oh! You toil day and night,
Building rail, massive bridges,
Crafting rockets, ships and planes,
In the heat and in the freeze.

Endeavour for far expeditions,
Into the space, join lunar club,
A wish of the scientists tempted reach,
That is called the celestial hub.

But why not, then, O, man!
Do come with a strong awareness?
To ban the spread of filth surrounding,
With one step to cleanliness!