Keep highway in proper condition

Yet again on Saturday morning hundreds of commuters got stranded near Hoj in the Papu-Yupia-Potin Trans Arunachal Highway (TAH). It has become a usual story. Just a little bit of rainfall causes heavy landslide in the said highway. This highway was inaugurated last year but the condition is now in pathetic condition. The story of Hollongi-Itanagar 4 lane highway is also similar. At multiple places the highway has been badly damaged. The PWD highway has failed to properly maintain these newly constructed roads.
Citing fund crunch and lack of support from the ministry of road, transport and highway, the department is washing off its responsibilities. They are promising to construct large number of highways in the state but are miserably failing to maintain existing highways. How will people trust their promises? The PWD should immediately carry out the repairing of the Papu-Yupia-Potin section of TAH. The continued neglect of the said highway will only cause more damage to it. Also the condition of this stretch of road is so pathetic that if urgent repairing is not done, there are chances of major accident. In such case the whole blame will fall on PWD. The Papu-Yupia-Potin TAH and Hollongi-Itanagar 4 lane highway are major lifeline for the people of state and can be considered as gateway to the state. Therefore state govt should make every effort to keep these highways in proper condition.