Verify all certificates

Dear Editor,
With reference to the regularisation of contractual teachers, may I put forward some suggestions to the Govt of Arunachal Pradesh for timely consideration in order to invoke quality education in the state.
1. With the recent news of fake certificate holders in medical dept, the govt may initiate thorough verification of the antecedents of in-service SSA/RMSA teachers. Also their professional course (B.ed /De.led) Certificates and Eligibility certificates such as Ctet/Stet should be verified before the regularisation process begin.
With this corrective measure atleast untrained /unqualified teachers can be eliminated which may sometime prove detrimental to the quality education in the state.
2. Timely or monthly disbursement of salary of contractual teachers must be invoked in spirit with equatable treatment by govt at par with regular teachers.
Concerned Citizen