Make system robust

With around 40 lakh people not finding their name in the NRC list in Assam, rest of the NE states fear that these people may illegally enter their respective states. This has lead to increase in vigilantism activities by various groups. In Arunachal Pradesh, the student bodies and various other groups have taken up the cudgel of detecting the illegal immigrants. For the last few days several reports of student unions conducting operation to check inner line permit (ILP) of outsiders are pouring in. Their intention may be good but authorities should keep an eye on these kinds of activities.
There is every possibility that anti social elements will take advantage of such precarious situation and unnecessarily harass the innocent citizens. Arunachal is a protected state and outsiders can enter state only after obtaining ILP. Therefore the best way to prevent entering of illegal immigrant is by making ILP system more robust. At present it is quite easy to get ILP. Many people use fake documents to enter state. Allegation of bribing officials to get ILP also surfaces time to time. Government should streamline the process of issuing ILP and make it foolproof so that no outsiders can dare to use fake documents to obtain ILP. Also checking of ILP at entry gates should be intensified. All the check gates should be equipped with modern technologies like CCTV. Further the people of state, especially contractors, who are often alleged of illegally bringing in labourers without proper document, should introspect and stop this practice.