Give proper training to teachers

The decision of Itanagar capital complex district administration to give training to the in service government school teachers is a very good move. The training for these teachers of the capital complex began simultaneously at VKV Nirjuli, VKV Chimpu and Holy Cross School on Monday. The training was necessitated due to poor performance of students of government school in this year’s CBSE examinations. This kind of training should be conducted on regular basis for all the teachers working in the government schools. With changing times, the teaching method has also changed and therefore teachers should be given refresher course to keep them updated.
Last year the Delhi government sent more than 400 government school teachers to Singapore to train at National Institute of Education for training. It had desire effect as this year the students of government school performed much better than that of private schools in Delhi. Hopefully the in service training being given to government school teachers of capital complex will have similar effect. Most of the government school teachers are not professionally trained and lack basic knowledge of training. Infact at the time of joining service, these teachers should be given proper training to make them acquainted with modern teaching techniques. The education department on regular basis should conduct workshop, training, conference, seminars, etc for the teachers of government run schools. Also the promotion of teachers should be made on performance basis and not merely on seniority. Such measures will keep teachers motivated to work hard which in turn will improve quality of education in government schools.