Improve health care facilities

The news of the doctors of Itanagar based Heema hospital for the first time successfully implanting a dual-chamber cardiac pacemaker in a patient has given ray of hope to the people of state. It is hoped that this will considerably reduce the cost of such procedure and especially will be boon for the poor people. Health sector in the state has been struggling to improve service with both private as well as government run hospitals failing to upgrade itself. Lack of fund and none availability of quality doctors are considered to be major hurdle in giving quality healthcare service to the people.
However, it is heartening to see private hospitals making effort to play their part by bringing in quality doctors and creating better infrastructure. Further the private hospitals should explore the possibilities of tie-up with major players like Apollo, Max, Fortis, etc. It will aid them to attract investments and also help to improve the infrastructure. With the starting of medical college, there is big hope that facilities at Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Science (TRIHMS) will get better in future. State government should provide all the required funds for the proper development of TRIHMS. Also if the private hospitals with their limited resources can make effort to improve their facilities, then government hospitals should not remain left out. Infact they should play lead role in the process of improving the health care facilities of the state.