Be careful

The All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) on Wednesday alleged that state’s powerful elite including technocrats, businessmen and politicians are protecting the ILP violators. In a way AAPSU is absolutely correct and has hit the right button. It should file legal case against those tribal Arunachalees who protect the law breakers. For their short term gain many of these Arunachalees use fraudulently method to acquire ILP for the outsiders. Many of them do not have proper documents but still manages to get ILP due to blessing of their local contacts.
Especially the politicians are notorious for putting pressure on government officers to issue ILP to the non-APST even though the person may not have required documents. With parliament and assembly election just months away, the state might witness increase in such cases. This is wrong and should be avoided at any cost. The non-APSTs have become big vote bank and to please them politicians go out of way to get work done for them. They are fellow Indians and have immensely contributed in the development of state. But that does not give them right to illegally enter state. Also the large scale migration of outsiders will deeply affect future of the state. Besides taking away job opportunities of locals, it wil also deplete the resources. Therefore those Arunachalees who use fraudulent method to bring in outsiders should be careful about their activities. The future generation will not forgive them for their mistakes.