Instill traffic sense

The capital complex administration in coordination with police department on Saturday fined 89 traffic violators under different sections of the Motor Vehicles Act and Rules. This kind of unannounced checking drive is welcome but its frequency should be increased. The administration conducts checking drive only when the public raises concern. Also the capital administration needs to strictly regulate illegal parking in the national highway and important sector roads. One of the main reasons for constant traffic jam in the capital road is wrong parking and lane violations.
Motorists park their vehicles in no parking areas which create hurdle in smooth flow of traffic. The traffic snarls due to wrong parking of vehicles have become a common scene. The road in twin capital of Itanagar and Naharlagun are much wider in compare to cities like Gangtok, Shillong and Aizwal. But still capital region witnesses more traffic jam. The residents of Gangtok, Shillong and Aizwal takes pride in following traffic rules which considerably reduces the traffic jam. As the denizens of capital complex have so far failed to follow traffic rules, the police along with administration have been left with no choice but to forcefully instill traffic sense. Strong action should be initiated against the traffic violators especially the one who violate lane driving. The authorities have failed to take action against the lane violators. Unless strong traffic sense is instilled among citizens, the situation in capital complex will not improve.