Issue answer keys

Dear Editor,
Since the announcement of the result of the recently held APPSCCE, the qualified candidates have been engaged in their hardest effort in preparation for the mains. Most of them have even joined various coaching institutes to tackle the difficulties of the mains’ subjects. The fact that the fees of these coaching institutes are very high is also a matter to be concerned about. Besides, most of the qualified candidates have already paid them.
From the recent activities, which have been going on in the state, it has been seen that many grieved students, who have not qualified for the mentioned exam, have been demanding for the re-conduct of the exam. I appeal you that this demand of re-conduct be nullified. If there is no issue in giving the answer keys, I believe issuing the answer keys of all subjects will solve every problem.
And as for us, those who have qualified for the mains examination, we should not be victimized.
A prelims qualified candidate