Save the prestige of the exam

Dear Editor,
I would like to bring to the notice of all the aggrieved APPSCCE aspirants who staged protest at the tennis court on 24.08.2018 demanding the reconduct of the exam, that many of the candidates have poured in all their blood, sweat and tears to achieve the feat of qualifying the prelims. I understand the demand for more transparency, introduction of CSAT and termination of the person that caused the human error, but why demand for reconduction of the whole exam again? Apart from the public money that has been wasted for conduct of this exam twice, the time of all the serious candidates is also being wasted here.
It has been almost a year since I halted my PhD work to prepare for the prelims that was held on 26th November last year. I know that I’m jeopardising my career as a research scholar by giving my valuable time to prepare for this prestigious exam, but I understand that this examination demands sacrifice and patience.
Many of my employed friends have used up all their earned leaves just to prepare for the APPSCCE. Had we known that the amount of sacrifice this exam demands is far more than any other civil service exam in the country, maybe we wouldn’t have started preparing at the first place. Now, the exam doesn’t look that prestigious to us because it has lost all its essence amidst all the controversies.
Therefore, I would request the aspirants of the state not to stretch the examination any further since APPSC had already rectified their mistake and also announced involving CSAT from the next APPSCCE.
I urge the aspirant community to kindly let the exam be conducted peacefully and save the prestige of the exam.
A hopeful candidate