Be loyal to constitution

A senior IPS officer Surya Kumar Shukla on the verge of retirement writes to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath listing four post-retirement jobs the UP government can offer him after he retires from service on August 31 next. He also expresses eagerness to campaign for the ruling BJP in the 2019 national election. Welcome to new India that is emerging post 2014. This brazen support for ruling party from a serving top police officer exposes the deep rot in the system. How can citizen expect such police officer to be neutral when the person openly displays his political loyalty?
This same officer was earlier this year caught on camera pledging to build a Ram temple in Ayodhya. IPS officer Surya Kumar Shukla is setting an extremely wrong example for his subordinates. The IPS officers association should come out and condemned his behavior which is unbecoming of a serving police officer. The government servants are always expected to rise above religious, region or political affiliations and work for the people. In recent years there has been attempts to even politicalize issues concerning Indian army and national security. Sadly many of the military veterans appearing on TV channels and also some of the serving army officers instead of giving rationale views are seen to be toeing line of ruling establishment. The government keeps changing after every five years but institutions remain same. These government servants are guardian of institutions and therefore their loyalty should be towards Indian constitution and not to any political parties.