Age factor and the APPSC exam

Dear Editor,
Inability and failure of the APPSC to conduct civil service exam on a timely basis and with a definite academic calendar has rendered many aspirants ineligible to apply for the exams as the age of many gets over by the time the new exams are advertised by APPSC. And also various controversies plaguing the APPSC and subsequent cancellation of exams from time to time over the past few years have wasted a great deal of precious time of the APPSC aspirants for no fault of theirs. Students were even compelled to sit on hunger strike in the 2015 against the APPSC Mains paper leakage, exams of which were advertised in the year 2013 and dragged on till 2016 till the candidates selected in the viva- voce were appointed in their respective posts. It took almost 5 years for APPSCCE-2013 to wind up.
This is a clear-cut denial of fair number of chances and opportunities to the aspirants.
Latest APPSCCE Prelims which was advertised on 9th May 2017 is now being dragged to such an extent which is a mockery of the very purpose of conducting exam. Why should the innocent aspirants bear the brunt of the incompetency, discrepancies and anomalies on the part of APPSC?
Rising unemployment rate, denial of fair number of opportunities and rampant corruption is adding to the tension, frustration and mental agony and burden of the youth even leading some to take extreme steps like suicide.
Time is ticking way and lost time can never be returned back. We are not pleading APPSC to give everyone employment but APPSC must re-conduct the exam this time as the errors made by the commission are so grave that it cannot be evened off. The aspirants should be given fair number of opportunities to apply for and sit in the exams vis-à-vis inordinate delay and incomprehensible amount of time taken in conducting exams. Therefore in the light of this it will be in the best interests of the students and aspirants if the lost time is compensated by the state govt by increasing the upper age limit. Increase of upper age limit will not be arbitrary as it can be done on par with other north eastern states and many of the states of India which set upper age limit including relaxation far more than that of Arunachal Pradesh giving enough opportunities to aspirants and tapping human resources in a more efficient manner. Some of the age criteria of the states of India (Including relaxation) are Assam-43,Mizoram-40,Manipur-43,Tripura-45,Rajasthan-45,Haryana-47,Gujrat-45,Bihar-(male 42/female-45), Jharkhand- 40.
Aggrieved Aspirant