SSB Bill and cleaning up the system

Dear Editor,
I want to express my heartfelt thanks and congratulate Chief Minister Pema Khandu and his govt for achieving yet another milestone under his tenure by passing the SSB bill in the current legislative assembly session.
This move will go a long way in curbing nepotism and corruption rampant in the department recruitment process for group c posts in the state.
With this, any poor and talented candidate will get a fair chance to compete and get selected in the exam without having to grease greedy and corrupted authorities’ palm or seeking blessings from political masters.
Moreover, it will definitely bring about a sea change in quality and efficiency of govt working in the lower rung of departments by selecting the real deserving candidates.
Needless to say that the future of Arunachal seems brighter with such sweeping reforms in the rusty system.
However, mere creation of SSB won’t be a panacea for firmly entrenched corrupt practices in such recruitment exams.
It will happen only when the right persons are chosen apolitically and purely on merit basis to head such board.
So the govt should ensure that a person of proven track record and impeccable integrity is appointed to such post and enough safeguards are put in place to shield its functioning from political influence and interference in future.
Then only will the real purpose of creation of SSB be served and clean up the system.
Y. Raju,