Make positive use of social media

Both land management minister Nabam Rebia and Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso have lodged police case against one Tenzing Norbu allegedly for spreading false allegation on social media that duo are involved in the cash for job scam. Now onus is on state police to pursue this case and bring out the facts in the public forum. The allegation seems to have angered both the politicians as duo has strongly refuted it. Normally the politicians of Arunachal tend to ignore allegations leveled against them especially those made in social media. Also this whole incident has once again put spotlight on the issue of misuse of social media.
In recent year there have been several instances of people misusing the social media to defame others. It is done either to settle personal or political score. Some of the allegations leveled are wild in nature and without any iota of proof. No wonder often people are left with no choice but to issue apologies in local dailies for their misadventure in social media. The freedom of speech and expression comes with certain responsibilities. People should refrain from misusing the social media to unnecessarily harass and bully others by making fictitious allegations. It may not be possible for police and authorities to constantly monitor social media to stop it from being misused. People themselves need to introspect and indulge in self censorship. Social media should be used to spread positive message and not to spread hatred and false allegations.