Explore possibilities to reduce fuel price

The nationwide shut down by the opposition parties’ lead by Congress to protest rising fuel prices received mixed response. In several states including in Arunachal Pradesh bandh received support of general public who seems frustrated with the growing prices of fuels. Though Congress and opposition claim Bharat bandh as big success, the ruling BJP has termed it as huge flop. There has been growing anger over increasing prices of fuel. Many are looking forward to the government of India for a relief. But so far government has refused to intervene.
Congress has jump on to the opportunities provided by government and is hitting streets to protest against fuel price. Even though their intention may be good but bandh as a tool is out-dated and opposition parties should avoid using it to register protest. They should conduct street protests especially at Delhi, which is the power centre of country. Let those in power feel the pain of aam aadmi. Also the opposition ruled state should set an example by reducing VAT on petrol and diesel. This will give them high morale in front of the BJP. Already Andhra Pradesh government, which is ruled by opposition party TDP, has announces Rs 2 cut in VAT on petrol and diesel to check the mounting prices of the fuels. The other opposition ruled states should take cue from their counterpart in Andhra and offer similar relief. The central government should also explore every possibility to reduce the prices of fuel. They cannot simply blame international market and washed off their responsibilities. They can reduce central taxes on fuel to offer relief to the common citizens.