Post subject teachers

Dear Editor,
The administrations and the politicians are not worried at the paucity of subject teachers and how it affects the student’s community.
If they are really concerned about the general interest of the students, the subject teachers should have been posted to the effected schools where it is really needed.
It is worth informing that the academic session of the schools has begun from the month of June and now it is September but almost four months has lapsed without subject teachers in several schools.
The irony is that the authority is issuing several orders regarding the timely completion of syllabus, periodic test, and Pre-Board test in December. Interestingly, those who fail will not be eligible to appear in coming Board exam. It would be worth asking if the concern authority has ever pondered about the consequences of the lack of subject teachers instead of issuing several new rules.
Moreover, interestingly several posts have been advertised by APPSC for the recruitment of teachers but the recruitment process is yet to start even though it is already four months into the academic session.
Therefore, I would like to appeal to the concern authority to look into the matter with utter seriousness. Don’t play with the future of the students.
A concern Citizen