Compensation issue claims another victim

Yet another major infrastructure project of state has run into trouble because of the compensation issue. The Indian Railways has reportedly refused to fund Pasighat-Murkongselek railway project due to high compensation claim. The railways have expressed concern over high land rate and declared that it will not release fund for second phase of land acquisition process until the state government brings down the rate. This is a big setback as lot of hope for economic development of Siang region was riding on Pasighat-Murkongselek railway project.
The Siang valley is one of the most fertile regions of the state. It is also famous for the agri-horti produce. With Pasighat ALG already in operation, the Pasighat-Murkongselek railway line once completed is expected to further boost economy of the area and accelerate the pace of development. But with the railways refusing to fund, the whole project hangs in balance. This is not for the first time that infrastructure projects are getting stalled due to compensation issue in Arunachal Pradesh. The Hollongi green field airport and majority of Trans Arunachal Highway projects are all caught up in compensation controversies. These are major cause for concern. It also hurts the image of the state. The government of Arunachal has failed to tackle the contentious compensation issue. Why is that most of tge important projects are failing due to high compensation claim? Unless the state government comes up with proper road map to tackle this menace, this issue will continue to haunt all the developmental projects. Govt should involve citizens to find lasting solution to compensation issue.