No energy left

Dear Editor,
This is in response to a letter titled “Commission’s playing field” which was published on 14 September 2018.
The writer mentioned that 49 Questions were out of syllabus citing commission’s affidavit. He also emphasized that 49X2 = 98 is a huge marks. It could alter the outcome of entire result.
Yes, all his facts and figures that he narrated are true. But why the half truth, again? Give full information to fellow Arunachalees.
The affidavit further read that 98 marks were given to all the commerce students. APPSC is ready to produce these marks to court in a sealed cover. Despite getting such a huge grace marks they couldn’t pass the Preliminary round. (Just completing the half Information).
I pray that justice be delivered to any party, either commission or Commerce candidates on the merit of case. But no more re-conduct please. We don’t have energy left for giving same exam for the third time. If re-conducted, we will also keep our legal option open.
Hopeful mains
qualified candidate