Sage remarks

—– Kamtey Ringu

Dine and Wine with shining shoes,
Can’t spare a second for public woes.
Not even a single hello or how are you?
Caught up entertaining who’s who.

TAH & PDS is still a giant hoax,
Perpetuated by ruling government folk.
RK Mission is sate’s first luxury jail,
For the one who thought they will never fail.

The riches they flaunt,
Can make poor people taunt.
The karma is contagious,
Public curse badly haunts.

If B alleges things that C don’t buy,
Media sells it on prime time,
There exist liberals too!
Play your tricks some other time.

We are here to protect our own belief,
Evade peskiness and momentary relief.
Be righteous and love your wife,
Please don’t sell those rights to thrive.

Those aspirants will soon cast their traps,
Turn deaf to what they says.
Don’t end up celebrating April 1st,
This miseries will not ever last.