Rafale controversy grows bigger

The Rafale controversy have grown bigger with former French president Francois Hollande being quoted as telling a French website that the Indian government had proposed Anil Ambani’s Reliance Defence as India partner in the 36-fighter jet deal and that France had not been given a choice. The claim was immediately denied by defence ministry. This latest claim comes in the wake of repeated attack on Narendra Modi lead BJP government by opposition Congress on Rafale deal issue. The grand old party has been alleging that deal was tweaked in favour of Reliance Defence in order to favour businessman Anil Ambani.
With general election just few months away, the Rafale deal is going to be major political issue. The government of India has been left red faced by this latest development. It is still early days but claim made by Hollande has set political storm in the country. However the issue should not be lost in political dog fight and there should be proper enquiry to unearth the truth. Government of India claims that deal is transparent and it has nothing to hide. If indeed it has nothing to fear then why don’t go for proper investigation so that facts come out in public. Using national security as shield, they should not hide the truth. Rafale deal involves billions of tax payer’s money and therefore people of India have every right to know details of the deal.