Written tests versus API

Dear Editor,
This is in response to two letters tilted “Written tests for Assistant Professors” and “Importance of academic performance indicator” published on 20th and 21st Sept respectively.
Both letters seem opposing each other. One pressed for written test and another favoured API based recruitment. API based recruitment will give undue advantages to those who have API scores already in their disposal. While written test will bring all the candidates in the same level irrespective of background.
In the recent past APPSC has recruited many Assistant professors by using their own method, ie walk in interview. Here background didn’t matter but only the performance of candidates for 30-50 minutes. So, many normal SLET/NET holders were recruited in place of API score holders. Some candidates have blamed nepotism and luck over their own demerits. I have seen many poor candidates with no API scores getting selected for the Assistant professor’s post. What you know doesn’t matter, what you can deliver in the final exam that too in pressure situations that actually counts. API scores are given preferences in RGU based lecturer recruitment. Please spare APPSC from this. Let APPSC conduct present recruitment drive with the method as mentioned in the advertisement.
Whenever a job advertisement is notified we prepare for the exam as per the advertised directions. We have put our heart and soul for preparing for the post of Assistant professor as per the advertisement. Any special treatment/marks and changes in recruitment drive will be vehemently opposed. However, screening test, as mentioned in advertisement will be a welcome move, for it will bring all the candidates in same level irrespective of glorious background. Every one will start from scratch. Thank APPSC for that opportunity.