Take preventive measures

The All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) in a representation to Chief Minister recently suggested various means to stop the entry of the illegal migrants into state. The suggestion made by apex student body is pretty relevant in the present context. AAPSU suggested various measures like installation of CCTV, metal detectors, etc in the check gates. Today Arunachal faces serious threat from illegal migrants. Especially in the interstate boundary area, the populations of outsiders are outnumbering the local’s. In capital region itself outsiders are more in number than the indigenous population.
Unless a robust security system is placed, the illegal immigrants will continue to enter state with impunity. Barring few most of the check gates, which are the first line of defense against illegal migrants, are in pathetic condition. Poor facilities and lack of modern technologies have made these check gates ineffective. Many of them do not have the required number of security forces to effectively check the Inner Line Permit (ILP). Also there are several other loopholes which are taken advantage by these illegal immigrants to enter the state. Government should take illegal migrant issue very serious. This concern is troubling most of the states of North East region. In states like Assam and Tripura situation has gone from bad to worse. Our government should learn a lesson from them and take the preventive measures to safeguard the interest of the indigenous tribal communities of state.