Crime graph rising

Within the spate of few days the capital complex region has been rocked by series of criminal incidents. First a farm labourer was brutually murdered at Pachin which was followed by murder of a 27 year old man at Naharlagun. In the latest incident, robbers tried to steal cash from Ganga branch of the State Bank of India (SBI). On Monday morning when citizens visited SBI Ganga, they were shocked to see it close with police personnel scanning the whole area. So far police have failed to make any arrest and case remains unsolved.
The sudden increase in crime graph is deeply worrying the denizens of capital complex. Day by day the law and order situation is worsening. Though being capital of state, Itanagar, is supposed to be a cosmopolitan town. But situation is so bad that most of the citizens do not venture outside home after 9 PM unless there is some emergency case. The streets of Itanagar and Naharlagun are ruled by anti-social elements during the night time. Incidents like bag snatching, etc which take place on regular interval, are not reported. The state government has failed to provide sense of security to the denizens. Also the capital police need to intensify patrolling during night . They should identify the crime prone areas and keep strict vigil. CCTVs should be installed in all the strategic areas. It will help to improve the policing.