Take precaution for fair exam

Dear Editor,
Recently, the APPSC has notified the venue for Jt. BDO exam which is going to be held on 21st October 2018. There are as much as 20 notified venues for the said exam owing to the large unemployed army of youths. Some of the venues are notorious for their inability to check cases of cheating. Most of these centers don’t have any CCTV surveillance systems, seating arrangements are congested, and many a times the invigilator arranged for these centers are careless or are bullied around by the candidates. These are my personal observations made on the basis of various departmental exams that i have appeared for since so long.
But since it is the APPSC which is conducting the said examination, I believe that the commission will make sure that instances of cheating are not tolerated. Network jammers should be used in these venues during exams since it will not be possible to cut internet connectivity as it hampers business activities.
The commission has a chance to improve its image and rectify its past mistakes as well as make an example out of this exam and prove that they can conduct cheating free exam not only in the commission’s and DNGC’s premises but in the other exam centers also. Enough security personnel must be deployed in these centers as a moral booster for the students and especially for the invigilators. Doing so will also help the commission regain lost trust of aspiring candidates who are preparing for other post like that of TGT and PGT. I hope and pray that the commission will not conduct examination the way it used to be when departments themselves conducted recruitment examination in the past.
An Aspirant